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Aaron 12 minuta më parë
Coach killa turned into a different kind of man after getting slapped by Wolverine, it's like his DNA got slapped into the next level of evolution
MrJakeJimmy 12 minuta më parë
Hou Yeet
Hou Yeet 12 minuta më parë
You already know, if the guy retaliated and beat the coach up, the coach would’ve went to the police
Empridon 12 minuta më parë
i'd suicide.
Aubrey Sharp
Aubrey Sharp 12 minuta më parë
Ive only sucker punched someone once and it was a classmate who wouldnt stope groping me after i told him to stop several times
ana murguia
ana murguia 13 minuta më parë
This man has no filter, I like that.
Gurt Chen
Gurt Chen 13 minuta më parë
The animation is eh I guess but the story is amazing
Heather Holme
Heather Holme 13 minuta më parë
Lettuce is just greener rice. It’s just something to put other things on.
DatBoiIsChicken 13 minuta më parë
1:10 look at the guy coming out of the door to the locker room XD wtf is he doing??
Scott M
Scott M 13 minuta më parë
with flag football, instead of tackling and hearing the cracking of helmets and shoulders pads, you just have these gay little "pop" noises when flags get pulled and no one hits anyone. so weenie hut jr.
ana murguia
ana murguia 13 minuta më parë
This dude has NO FILTER
Jonathon Chandnoit
Jonathon Chandnoit 14 minuta më parë
The coaches are usually made up of the players Dads so they have some emotional attachment but it is quite pathetic when you let yourself get this out of control. He is just a big meat head with a small closed mind.
Fugobami 14 minuta më parë
Reverse huggbees
Bleenteam J
Bleenteam J 14 minuta më parë
"It's just New Zealand urine." Yay somebody acknowledged that my country make L&P.
DeCay Grim
DeCay Grim 14 minuta më parë
Jaxon Meek
Jaxon Meek 14 minuta më parë
Omega Greninja
Omega Greninja 15 minuta më parë
Me: hasn’t even opened the shop yet The duke: “thanks to your patronage I’ve expanded my services”
krart 15 minuta më parë
dude went sicko mode over a single look. I get your mad but it's a game for kids and you're an adult, act like one.
FHB Gaming
FHB Gaming 15 minuta më parë
Its a poo flinging machine lol
Cito 15 minuta më parë
Yikes... this evisceration is kinda hard to watch. Has anyone checked on this VG guy? Is he okay after this?
Crescendolls 16 minuta më parë
We call them a coward punch here, because that's exactly what they are.
Jonesyful10 16 minuta më parë
Hes lucky he didnt do that at a kids hockey game
bruhihavea11inch tablet
bruhihavea11inch tablet 16 minuta më parë
Charlie we need more UFC 4
Morally Awkward
Morally Awkward 16 minuta më parë
Was that kid freaking out that man’s son? If so that’s messed up.
Samantha Gardener
Samantha Gardener 16 minuta më parë
Trust fall no one grabs him
Mr !!?
Mr !!? 16 minuta më parë
i remember this video being titled "Resident Evil 7 Is An Easy Game"
Grayson Huff
Grayson Huff 17 minuta më parë
1:56 trans girls: I know what I must do but I dont know if I have the strength to do it
MrSlanderer 17 minuta më parë
The guy looks like the loser who does the Epoch Times ads...
KennyTheDingus 17 minuta më parë
There’s no Watermelon, Durian, Dragonfruit, or Peach and I am bugged by it.
Cyphon 17 minuta më parë
1:01 why the fuck he crying like that
Curious 18 minuta më parë
that last slap was insanely scary
Willie Stevenson
Willie Stevenson 18 minuta më parë
You was on some bullshit lol
Morichita 18 minuta më parë
Damn that kid is not going to forget that Day
Cecily Erker
Cecily Erker 18 minuta më parë
That kid crying and begging to leave was so sad 😞
Frank Powell
Frank Powell 18 minuta më parë
College football player and boxer here. Some coaches/doctors will say nonsense words to see if you pick up on it. They're looking for you to say "what the hell are you saying." to make sure you're conscious enough to register what they're saying.
Magnus Guglius Vuglius
Magnus Guglius Vuglius 18 minuta më parë
God help us all.
Blake Simpson
Blake Simpson 18 minuta më parë
kid cryin needa stfu fr
Dean Terrell
Dean Terrell 19 minuta më parë
Am I the only one who thought that the soldier's voice sounded a lot like a Banjo Kazooie character as Charlie was floating into the beyond?
Samx0 19 minuta më parë
For anyone using GOOGLE CHROME. If you go to your settings and advanced settings. Turn on "Hardware Acceleration" it will raise your frames. I went from 22 to 122 frames. Thank me later. :)
Pj Biggleswerth
Pj Biggleswerth 19 minuta më parë
Hopefully the vic gets everything that chump has. Total zero.
Hungry for Science
Hungry for Science 19 minuta më parë
I can imagine myself doing some thrust excercise, if you know what I mean, 🤣
memify 20 minuta më parë
"Kqwjndodjwkseowlwpodkdskkslq" - Joker
Gooter Pooter
Gooter Pooter 20 minuta më parë
7:52 Can't get over how amused Charlie is in this moment
walker_texas 20 minuta më parë
I've seen an argument with 700+replies on a movie scene from a captain America movie. It was like the lord of the rings
Dillon Tisdale
Dillon Tisdale 20 minuta më parë
This is gey
YoHaam 20 minuta më parë
I feel like well be wait for 10 years for one piece moist meter
Bryce Shum420
Bryce Shum420 20 minuta më parë
Jerry from Rick and Morty has more of a soul then this guy
praise jeebus
praise jeebus 20 minuta më parë
American league is like the packing peanuts that dissolve in water compared to the polish
nerf_ 2.6.0
nerf_ 2.6.0 20 minuta më parë
Matthew Carter
Matthew Carter 20 minuta më parë
Lesbian E-Girl
Lesbian E-Girl 20 minuta më parë
People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, Charles
Bowy 20 minuta më parë
Well, I like to think myself as pretty pathetic...But at least I am not as pathetic as that, Thank you for the self-esteem boost.
Clint Parker
Clint Parker 21 minutë më parë
These guys need to utilizing spinning more. Really good technique for a powerful shot on goal.
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 21 minutë më parë
If Flag Football makes this crazy asshole this heated, I'd hate to see him at Red Rover or Kickball. I imagine him shouting at an Elementary School Gym Teacher for calling Red Light too much in Red Light, Green Light and on the next Red Light the guy tackles the teacher. What an unstable cretin.
Large Marge
Large Marge 22 minuta më parë
He looks really weird but I never tried it so I wouldn't know
Prince Adonis Ocean
Prince Adonis Ocean 22 minuta më parë
woulda been better if the guy headbutted the spectator and then just started head butting all the other referees and fight-breaker-uppers lol HEADBUT RAMPAGE
justice 22 minuta më parë
weak shit! lettuce is tasty and is a good source of vitamin A, potassium, calcium, and folate
Vi Mos.
Vi Mos. 22 minuta më parë
Lmao his wife didn’t even bother to help him up
Sputnik 22 minuta më parë
this comments are hilarious
Duoxel 22 minuta më parë
I love how he is dunking on the guys height
QwiBi 22 minuta më parë
He is the most disgusting man ever alive.
Hunt Mare
Hunt Mare 22 minuta më parë
Lmao he finally changed the wrong number in the thumbnail
Landen Gracie
Landen Gracie 22 minuta më parë
Dave talks like the riddler to Batman on Arkham knight
Top GIFs With Sound
Top GIFs With Sound 23 minuta më parë
this is what guns are for. Lethal force is responded to with lethal force.
ovenmittboy 21 minutë më parë
Bruh you don't shoot someone because they punched someone a punch isn't lethal force unless he beats him for a while
WorldEaterZero 23 minuta më parë
I didn't know Charlie is friends with TF2 Spy
B R U H 23 minuta më parë
1: why was the video so heavily edited or edited at all 2: HE PLAYED B SIDES😳😳😳
Zota Givens
Zota Givens 23 minuta më parë
KoRnFlakes1408 23 minuta më parë
No cowboy bebop or berserk? Those would be the only s tier shows on my list
Marc George
Marc George 23 minuta më parë
he looks like he's on stretched res
Raghav Duggal
Raghav Duggal 23 minuta më parë
Ethan Winters is low key an Immortal... How else can you explain getting his hand chopped off and him being Skewered like a Shish Kabab and still be unfazed by the same
sick sad girl
sick sad girl 23 minuta më parë
The little boy crying broke my heart :,(
Berry 23 minuta më parë
I hate the new people who've joined the club. Series should have just died with 6 so I don't have to experience cringe.
soyburglar 24 minuta më parë
Speaking of LiveLeak, have you seen the video of the guy who gets beat ret*rded whilst sleeping? Shit was brutal. Where did all the videos on LiveLeak go anyway? Where does a man get his gore and chainsaw decapitation fix these days?
CypherSam 24 minuta më parë
My literal reaction during the dumbell: "No way that's getting it....OH SHIT"
Adam Nagy
Adam Nagy 24 minuta më parë
11:23 That laugh..
Chris Brandenburg
Chris Brandenburg 24 minuta më parë
i really hope the kid crying is below the age of 6.
Stankfield 24 minuta më parë
Yeesh that guy just screams "I'm a failure".
Thomas Eaton
Thomas Eaton 24 minuta më parë
Whats pathetic is how my power was supposed to be back on 3.5hrs ago and I'm still sitting here in the dark.
not funny
not funny 25 minuta më parë
i can only imagine the smell of that room
Jart Patella
Jart Patella 25 minuta më parë