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This is the greatest advice of All Time

J-dayday 4 ditë më parë
witcher 3 when you get in the tub with dandelion and his homies
Bayden Longnoodle
Bayden Longnoodle 7 ditë më parë
i like how it doesn’t feel like only charlie’s channel anymore, the way the other two are always around
Weno oweN
Weno oweN 8 ditë më parë
Eren + Zeke = Danny
Duck You
Duck You 9 ditë më parë
3 dudes sitting in a hottub 4 feet apart because they arent gay
Philippe Lebois
Philippe Lebois 10 ditë më parë
I think there is another video with "This is the greatest advice of All Time"
Sapphire Shadow
Sapphire Shadow 11 ditë më parë
I feel like climbed up a ancient mountain to find them
Benny Bullgryn
Benny Bullgryn 12 ditë më parë
Charlie's stomach is 1% fatter than I thought it would be.
Lucidity 12 ditë më parë
Don't forget to tip
Polymite 13 ditë më parë
I always promise myself I'm going to watch charlie's videos as soon as they come out but when I first watched this I was questioning myself for a milisecond
Frank 13 ditë më parë
dude that alien story actually kinda freaky after a similar thing was proven real in Miami by the government
adam zaiter
adam zaiter 13 ditë më parë
Didn't even read the title and knew this was gonna help me in life.
Marco P
Marco P 13 ditë më parë
bruh is that the Tremendous Fire Yu-Gi-Oh spell card? lmao
Fire Ice
Fire Ice 14 ditë më parë
Best advice for any "nice guy" right at the beginning
David Patterson
David Patterson 14 ditë më parë
Hahaha my friend and definitely NOT me learned how to make those coupons too as teens. You would under no circumstances present them as “manufacturer coupons” and they would scan and everything....or at least they would if you used them (WHICH WE DIDNT) We totally didn’t get so much stuff half off or even buy one get one free. The stores caught on within a month or two because idiots wouldn’t stop posting how to do it and bragging about them online. But man, it was awesome. Or at least, it would have been if it had happened..which it didn’t.
Jack M
Jack M 14 ditë më parë
I’ve gotten this notification like 6 times
Duchesse de Berne
Duchesse de Berne 14 ditë më parë
So man. Much hair.
Braxton Nichols
Braxton Nichols 14 ditë më parë
Get in the hot tub, you guys don't look relaxed enough. Editing this, because I just wanted to say. I didn't mean this to sound creepy at all, so please, no one take that as a creepy thing.
Wesley 15 ditë më parë
Topshot37 15 ditë më parë
Danny just full rocking the chest hair makes me feel way more confident about doing the same oddly.
Mason Evans
Mason Evans 15 ditë më parë
guess im so poor that charlie is using my nightstand as a pool stool.
Jemandsa 15 ditë më parë
حسبته اعتنق الاسلام
lily *
lily * 15 ditë më parë
I never thought I’d see a caveman, Jesus, and a professional trampoline daredevil in a hot tub sharing stories.
lily *
lily * 13 ditë më parë
@Games@antraX Take a wild guess
Games@antraX 14 ditë më parë
Who’s who
the daylotus
the daylotus 15 ditë më parë
Mats pool noodle look like toothpaste
Zinker Zanker
Zinker Zanker 15 ditë më parë
1:00 “MY KNEE” has the same vibe as “MY LEG”
The Webolls
The Webolls 15 ditë më parë
Who else finds Charlie attractive. And yes I’m a girl.
ReoBlue 15 ditë më parë
Three bros chilling in the bath and they are totally gay
DayQuil23 15 ditë më parë
Next gen hot tub streams
Itz Infered
Itz Infered 16 ditë më parë
This is what I want to be when I grow up
Deh Beh
Deh Beh 16 ditë më parë
I can’t stop staring at his hairy chest
Bobby Rosken
Bobby Rosken 16 ditë më parë
Came for the advice, but stayed for the chest hair
krakken trace
krakken trace 16 ditë më parë
for the young at hearts
Caged Tyrant
Caged Tyrant 16 ditë më parë
0:49 in high school? You’re still doing this now with your SJW mindset. Just remember to always insult reddit and twitter for behaving exactly the same as you, hypocrisy is strong with you.
Lend me a ciggie would ya mate?
Lend me a ciggie would ya mate? 16 ditë më parë
imagine hating on a critical video
Mudge 16 ditë më parë
i can actually relate younger me to younger you a good bit. Feels really relieving. Thanks for sharing lol
Franky Kray.
Franky Kray. 16 ditë më parë
I see three otters in a tub 😏
Sarmale Gustoase
Sarmale Gustoase 16 ditë më parë
Thank you for changing ny life
ben fenton
ben fenton 16 ditë më parë
The exaggerated layup of a black teenager
UnleashTheBeast 1,000
UnleashTheBeast 1,000 16 ditë më parë
This definitely needs to be a series
Nacket Donut
Nacket Donut 16 ditë më parë
I want someone to explain the first 30 seconds of this video with no context
q 16 ditë më parë
an actual answer to the nice guy question is: most people who label themselves as "nice guys" arent actually nice, just kinda condescending sometimes. theyre kinda just balls of pent up sexual frustration that explode if a woman rejects them because theyre being overly nice in hopes of getting a date, kind of objectifying women as just that, a date. a trophy, when most women just wanna have someone who sees them as equals, and as a person to talk to, and to get to know.
Mc Chicken
Mc Chicken 16 ditë më parë
charlies dad should start a channel
THE COUNCIL 16 ditë më parë
Why don't girls like nice guys. Real advice alot of girls feel like they're not good enough. Not all but some if u are genuinely nice not a Reddit nice guy just genuinely a good respectfull nice person. There's no hope for reddit nice guys
Terence Lawson
Terence Lawson 16 ditë më parë
Why does this look like some quirky scenario in a 2000s school program
Lawliet 16 ditë më parë
üble Kombi mit den Yu gi Oh Karten
Spanicatthedisco 16 ditë më parë
Bibles AND Hentai. This dude means business.
Se 16 ditë më parë
Wait, so matt was charlie's classmate ?
eros 2
eros 2 16 ditë më parë
Dave grohl and the other members of foo fighters have a hot tub party
dat vergil doe
dat vergil doe 16 ditë më parë
Loads of sweaty meat and butts in that jacuzzi 🤮
Pedro Silva
Pedro Silva 16 ditë më parë
what kind of white shirt is Charlie wearing in this video?
Laki2 16 ditë më parë
Why do good girls like bad guy? I've had this question for a real long time.
Omni TheWolf
Omni TheWolf 16 ditë më parë
No fucking foreskin? Why would I even watch your videos anymore. Smh. Can’t believe the lies I’ve lived with.
Lend me a ciggie would ya mate?
Lend me a ciggie would ya mate? 16 ditë më parë
Hoch Funf
Hoch Funf 16 ditë më parë
POV : three cavemen in a hot spring.
Anonymous 16 ditë më parë
Jesus and his first 2 disciples, 32 AD, colorized
Penny Wise
Penny Wise 16 ditë më parë
Is that the guy from Hunger Games?
Ethan O
Ethan O 16 ditë më parë
3 bros sitting in a hot tub...
Straight Actor Ian McKellen
Straight Actor Ian McKellen 16 ditë më parë
This is the most florida thing i’ve seen
TheFrog Man1808
TheFrog Man1808 16 ditë më parë
Oh, I see Yugioh 👀
Andrew Everson
Andrew Everson 17 ditë më parë
to think; charlie played high school basketball
kaotickk 17 ditë më parë
i love advice from 3 grown men in a jacuzzi
tkcaingt Playz
tkcaingt Playz 17 ditë më parë
3 dudes sitting in a tub but they aint 5 feet apart. SUS.
Abz Raja
Abz Raja 17 ditë më parë
Guys hot tub stream. Love it. Hahahahahhaha
ElcanaldeUriel 17 ditë më parë
Believe me, if you are a REAL nice guy, you will get girls! But you have to be actually nice not faking it lmao
Merantauu Plays-Old-
Merantauu Plays-Old- 17 ditë më parë
Half of these stories: Matt: "A core memory!" Charlie: "I have no idea what you're talking about."
Checkmate 17 ditë më parë
These 3 grown men went from opening YuGiOh cards to giving advice and telling personal stories in a hot tub. Truly a blessing.
Jinnai 17 ditë më parë
7:35 what do you mean, there are no red lights on an interstate
AJN 0189
AJN 0189 17 ditë më parë
Dude on the right is the most Neanderthal looking fella ever
raha sha
raha sha 17 ditë më parë
And for some reason, I, from 10000 km away have been through similar shit.
Meliodas 17 ditë më parë
ayo whos the discord mod on the right?
gravecactus 17 ditë më parë
i'm always impressed by that dude's chest hair. reminds me of me.
Heidi Schneir
Heidi Schneir 17 ditë më parë
¿Three guys, sitting in a hot tub, with some straws cuz their not gay?
gon sanchez
gon sanchez 17 ditë më parë
the guy in the back sucks !!
Eldin Nukic
Eldin Nukic 17 ditë më parë
Also I gave a girl a letter once ... Handwritten to ask her out. And she reported me to the authorities. Instead of just saying no. And one time I sent a girl a message on Facebook telling her she is cool and we should hang sometimes. And she showed my messages to both my art teacher and school administrator. It was such awful. She could have just said no. I am so glad they did tho. I am much better for it though. After my last gf of 2 years. I am a rock now. Women no longer interest me..I recommend listening to the Shakespeare poem.. 7 ages of man. I consider myself a pantaloon now. Being a lover boy just sucks man. Indefinite No fap and ignoring women will turn you into a god. I still love em though. And it ain't easy. Also did you know machines can't read? Ikr. We should start reading books to machines. I think they will appreciate it.
The Odd one
The Odd one 17 ditë më parë
The table is soo Charlie doesn’t drown
Eldin Nukic
Eldin Nukic 17 ditë më parë
Because nice is a facade..kindness is a way of life. Be kind and not nice. Nice is an act. Kind is a way of being. And sometimes the kindest thing you can do for someone is be crude rude and mean.
Braindead Sewer rat
Braindead Sewer rat 17 ditë më parë
cdrwood 17 ditë më parë
Jferrer1310 17 ditë më parë
Now this is the Hot Tub Stream I wanted
Majik Ace
Majik Ace 17 ditë më parë
This would have been so much better if all of you were wearing pasties... for modesty of course. lmfao
AmKe04 17 ditë më parë
I love the way Charlie’s sitting on a chair because if he sat in the water his whole body would submerge
Aynerjk A
Aynerjk A 17 ditë më parë
3 gays jumping in bath...
Zuckertorte 17 ditë më parë
3 vikings chilling in a bath tub
Leepluto *
Leepluto * 17 ditë më parë
Exaggerated layup😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leepluto *
Leepluto * 17 ditë më parë
This is legendary
Leepluto *
Leepluto * 17 ditë më parë
Reddit nice guy😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leepluto *
Leepluto * 17 ditë më parë
🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂good content charli looks buff
UV BlackLight
UV BlackLight 17 ditë më parë
Metalicious 17 ditë më parë
I'm jealous of this man's life
Abe Javed
Abe Javed 17 ditë më parë
Three bros, Sitting in a hot tub, One foot apart because they are GAY. Lol
Jarl Amphy
Jarl Amphy 17 ditë më parë
My dad had something similar with the blinding light
Koala Cognizant
Koala Cognizant 17 ditë më parë
where even is this, it looks like a u-haul warehouse
Koala Cognizant
Koala Cognizant 17 ditë më parë
Matichek 17 ditë më parë
ask Belle if she would do an interview with you in this bathtub :D
Eli Lemke
Eli Lemke 17 ditë më parë
Quintessential nice reddit guy That doesnt exist. Theyre all douschebags
Eli Lemke
Eli Lemke 17 ditë më parë
What is youtube good 4
Gabe Quinn
Gabe Quinn 17 ditë më parë
Charlie be careful if you fall in you might drown
Braden Hamrick
Braden Hamrick 17 ditë më parë
How do you feel about EDP445
dokkuso 17 ditë më parë
thanks for the advice
KDA Yoné
KDA Yoné 17 ditë më parë
my guy did a hot tub stream... --_--
Unknow0059 17 ditë më parë
So what is the actual nice guy like?
J curse
J curse 17 ditë më parë
What's better than this? guys being dudes!
im fat
im fat 17 ditë më parë
Thank you for your advice Jesus
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